The Monaco Penthouse

A full tour of the famous Candy & Candy designed Monaco penthouse. La Belle Epoque not only meets and surpasses any practical demands but everything is hand-made to the highest degree of smooth functioning.

Candyscape II

Opulent, stylish exteriors are ingeniously incorporated into the highest specifications, setting this magnificent vessel a world apart from her contemporaries. This yacht is the ultimate in sumptuous nautical living.

The Private Jet

The design of the Challenger 605 moves away from that of the conventional aircraft to create an exceptionally comfortable and decadent avian journey.

One Hyde Park

An exclusive tour of a four bedroom apartment located on the sixth floor of One Hyde Park.The stunning interiors draw inspiration from the autumnal tones of Hyde Park, which the apartment overlooks.

The Art of Design

As the pages of Candy & Candy’s debut book ‘The Art of Design’ are turned, the focus is on the concept stage of the design process and via live sketching we demonstrate the journey of a project.

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